Human Studies 213: Ethnic Studies and Diversity

Members of Professor Mattis’ HU 213 class share digital texts in different formats.  These presentations engage 4 texts we have read over the course of the semester. Students use those texts to 1) explain what the current roadblocks to racial equality are and 2) lay out some measures that need to take place in order to challenge systemic racism in society. 

*Below is a list of participants and their digital artifact.  Please click on links next to participants’ names to see Powerpoints and videos. To make the poster images larger, you can click on the download file below each poster.

Katie Irving – Powerpoint  

Carla Manns – Powerpoint  

Whitney Andrastek – Powerpoint  

Renee Sommer – Video 

Neng Vang – Video 

Liv Taylor Riendeau – Video    

Beth Bontrager – Digital Poster  

Mindy Mensen – Digital Poster 

Sarah Fidler – Digital Poster  

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