Canonball Episode 2: Prequel to Rocky Horror

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In this Canonball mini-episode, Chuck Rybak and Ryan Martin reflect on the last episode, talk about what they’re watching and listening to right now, and try to ruin their childhoods by revisiting great works from the past.

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  1. This is more young adulthood than childhood…but I too, was recently disappointed to rewatch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and found it almost as enjoyable (though not in that paradigm-shaking re-altering my worldview of humor the first time I viewed its theatrical release), as when I first saw it on the big screen lo those many years ago.
    So to put this “reverse-expectations” theory further to the test, I will re-watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I have never liked, even in those heady “Let’s all dress up like Magenta (or Riff Raff) and make the weekly trek to Friday at 11pm showing at The Tivoli Theater in University City (inner-ring St. Louis suburb bordering Washington University—so you know there were a lot of pre-med Dr. Franken Furters in the crowd. Who knows? Maybe I was too Brad Majors for my own good.

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