CAHSS and Effect

Canonball Episode 34: Conspiracy Theory and History (w/Dr. Clif Ganyard

Dr. Clif Ganyard is an Associate Professor of History and Humanities who earned his BA, MA, and PhD in History from SUNY at Buffalo.  His research and teaching interests include German and European history and culture, American history, science fiction, and jazz, and he has published work on German political culture. A noted teacher, he was awarded UWGB’s Founder’s Award for Excellence in teaching in 2010 and the UW Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award in 2014.

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Q & A: The Story Behind The Third Annual Common CAHSS 2021: Truth

The 2021 Common CAHSS event, themed “Truth, Information, Misinformation, and Democracy,” seeks to explore the role of the modern university in supporting the “continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found,” which has been part of the University of Wisconsin identity for over a century. Learn more about the Event from the event coordinators!

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Canonball Episode 32: Model U.N. (w/Dr. Elizabeth Wheat)

Dr. Elizabeth Wheat is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Policy and Planning and Political Science programs at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  She teaches courses on environmental law, environmental policy, geopolitics, the American presidency, and more.  In this episode, she talks with Chuck and Ryan about her love of the Model United Nations where she competed as a student at Alma College. 

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