Research Methods in Psychology: PSYC 300

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elif Ikizer (psychology)

About the Course: Students complete a full research project in this course from generating a research idea, to collecting data, data analyses, writing an APA-style research paper, and designing a research posters. 

Social Media and Self-Esteem

Authors: Maya Alvarado, Madelyn Faust, Jennifer Krawchyk, Jennifer McKnight, Shawn Short


Keywords: social media, self-esteem, body image

The Effect of Stress on Mood: Puppies, Kittens, and Moods? Oh My!

Authors: Betty Rose-Ackley, Mandi Burrows, Jessica Clasen, Bailey Harrington


Keywords: stress, mood, media

The Effects of Pre-test Practices on Reading Comprehension

Authors: Alyssa Schenck, Leticia Guerra, Nicholas Bolte, Alyssa Baseley


Keywords: reading comprehension, breathing, mindfulness 

Music and Memory

Authors: Dacoda Shore, Pam Sachse, ShaiPhia Lee, Sydney Begotka


Keywords: music, memory recall, memory task

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