Virtual Conference, Project Examples

Introduction: Here is where a blurb from the instructor could go, introducing the projects. It could also be an embedded video clip (like below) or an audio clip (like below).

Below are are examples of what the different presentation styles would look like (ignore the actual content, it is just there for an example).

Audio Clips (e.g., for songs, speeches, podcasts)

Playable right from the post.

Poster Presentation (could also do as a gallery, like below, or as a pdf file, even further below)

Photos or Galleries (for art projects or poster presentations)

Here’s a single picture-

Add a caption here, or don’t

Here’s a gallery, (a lot of options here including slideshows and other formats)

Videos (uploaded to youtube first and embedded here, good be a playlist or just a single video)

Written Work (Embedded PDF)

Data Visualizations using infogram for an interactive chart or graph

*Way easier than it looks. I can get you started if you are interested.

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