Featured Alum: Brooke Uhl

Brooke graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2012 with majors in History, Humanities (emphasis in Ancient and Medieval), and Theatre Studies and a minor in Business Administration. Brooke now works as the Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Brown County Historical Society and Hazelwood Historic House in Green Bay, WI.

Why did you decide to major in History, Humanistic Studies, and Theatre Studies? I have always been a lover of history. It was something that my dad and I bonded over. When I was a kid and my parents took me on vacation, we never really went to a “theme” park. It was always something historical. I’ve known since I was in Junior High that when I went to college, I was going to major in History. I had no idea what I would do with my degree, but I always knew I would major in it. As for the other majors, they just fell naturally in to my course of study. I got a major in Humanistic Studies because Dr. Sherman swindled me into it because she knew it would look good on my application when I started to apply for Graduate School (which it did. Thanks Heidi!).  It made me stay at UWGB an extra year, but it was worth it. I took some fantastic classes with Professor Aldrete as well with Dr. Hall. Would not trade those experiences for anything! I was in Theatre in high school and I consider myself a database of “useless” knowledge when it comes to theatre and Hollywood—and what better way to use that knowledge and get a major in Theatre Studies where I could learn about all of the processes of what it takes to design a theatre production. I also think it helped my communication skills.

What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of? Well, first, that I got to go to college in the first place. I am technically termed as that “first generation” college student. My parents and siblings never went, and as the youngest of four kids, I feel extremely proud that I got to expand my knowledge by attending UWGB.  While I was attending UWGB, I think one of my proudest moments was being able to intern for Heritage Hill in 2010. Like I said, I always wanted to major in History, but I did not know what I wanted to do with it. I realized after my summer at Heritage Hill that I wanted to go into the museum field. It was such a wonderful experience that I worked for Heritage Hill the following two summers and even still help out there on occasion today. Another proud moment was getting to be a part of the Costume Team in 2012 Cabaret. I learned so much from the Theatre Department and I am so grateful for that amazing experience.

What is an important goal or accomplishment you are currently working on? There are a lot of things that I am currently working on. Being at the Brown County Historical Society, there are certainly challenges every day. However, I think one thing that I feel like I accomplished was completing the second year of hosting the Road Rally at the end of August. It was a county-wide scavenger hunt at various historical places, including the UWGB Viking House. It was a great day for teams to get out and complete fun challenges and learn more about Brown County’s vast history.

Right now, I am working on getting ready for some Halloween events at the beginning of October. It is called Haunted Hazelwood: CLUE! Over the last several months, our intern Ana Olp, who also attends UWGB, and I have been working on a Murder Mystery that we are going to host at Hazelwood on Saturday, October 5, Friday, October 11, and Saturday, October 12. I have been at BCHS and Hazelwood for three years and I am so proud to be finally doing a type of Murder Mystery at the house.

What do you do for fun? Work. HAHA! Just Kidding. Mostly I read. Watch movies and tv shows—from Marvel movies to Downton Abbey. Read some more. HAHA. I’ve love to do photography—on a very small scale. I love to travel (when I can). During Grad School, I had an opportunity to visit England, which was definitely a Bucket List dream of mine. I met some AMAZING people on the trip, some who have become my best friends and it is my goal to visit them all over the world, when I have a chance. Last summer, I went on a small trip with my mom and we visited the Apostle Islands, another Bucket List item.  I love that when I do travel, I always want to see something historic. I feel that it still keeps that bond to my dad, who passed away shortly after I graduated from UWGB.

What else do you want people to know about you? I grew up in Coleman, WI on a Dairy Farm. I absolutely adore animals. Currently between all my siblings and I, we have five dogs (1 Border Collie, 1 Red Heeler, and 3 Blue Heelers), 3 Cats, 3 Fish, and a bunch of Ducks and Chickens.  I technically have one of the cats, his name is Jack, and he is orange and adorable. These animals definitely keep us entertained, especially “The Pack” as I describe all the dogs when they are together. They love being naughty, cause they know they can get away with it most days.

If you asked me when I was 10 years old that at age 30 that I would have went to college and graduate school, I would have probably laughed in your face. I am very proud of all my accomplishments and I look forward to keep working hard, like my parents taught me.

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