International Artists Day, October 25th

For International Artists Day I thought it would be fun to share 15 different yet related ways that artists engage in the creative process. I often share these with UWGB students or with participants of art workshops that I give. My list begins with “Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss” which puts an ironic, but, I hope, humorous image in your mind. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I am including Halloween Floating from my Holidays Unfolding series: it shows a product that comes from the following ways of thinking. You can see this painting and more artwork on my website that was created by my incredibly talented colleague in Design, Addie Sorbo:

Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss
Be comfortable with not knowing what you are doing.

Sisyphus Says
Be willing to start over any number of times.

Socrates’ Way
Use Socratic method—asking why you think as you do—to reason the many possible solutions a project may have.

Work inductively and deductively and react to ideas.

Private Eye for the Troubled Guy
Research is a routine part of the creative process.

Order out Chaos
Organize your time obsessively; organize your work methodically.

DaVinci’s Doodles
Work through ideas with preliminary studies/sketches.

Knievel’s Leap
Take risks in your work.

Embrace Critique
Consider feedback on your work that you may not like.

Modus Operandi
New modes of working are usually worth acquiring.

Yodel with Yoda
Art is about communicating ideas with visual power.

A Room of One’s Own
Have a quiet and efficient space to work in.

The Voice of Terror
Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts.

The Fold
Maintain infinite receptivity; allow for infinite spontaneity.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
Nurture Relationships with Mentors, Friends, and other People Who Know Stuff.

Halloween Floating, acrylic paint, embroidery, image transfer, on digital pattern printed on silk, 36″ x 36″ x 1.5″, 2017

Professor Kristy Deetz

Kristy Deetz is a Professor in the Art Discipline at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. Her extensive exhibition record includes national and international venues. With Reni Gower, she co-curated FABRICation that traveled to art museums, university art galleries, and art centers. She frequently serves as a visiting artist and has led numerous painting/drawing workshops at venues including Haystack, Oxbow, Penland, Anderson Ranch, and Arrowmont. See her work on her website

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