English 333: Vampires

In Summer 2023, students in ENG333: Literary Themes: Vampires studied the nineteenth century vampire before DRACULA and some of these vampires’ modern counterparts and spinoffs. Together, they compiled an Annotated Bibliography of recent peer-reviewed scholarship on these vampire tales. Then, they consulted the bibliography to write critical and creative blog posts. Here are a selection of the posts. Enjoy!

The Vampire in the Nineteenth Century and Beyond, Outside Dracula. An Annotated Bibliography by Literary Topics: Vampires students Summer 2023.

Aubrey Laux: Fears of Being Alone in Carmilla and What We Do in the Shadows

Grace Martin: Through the Eyes of an 1840s Woman: Varney the Vampyre

Jon Levendusky: You Were Always One of Us or Ghouls Garden: A Vampyre Tale in the American West

Taiyana Plummer: African American Gothic: Historical Truth and Controlled Perception

Autumn Johnson: A Comparison of Power Dynamics Among Vampires

Josephine Hinderman: The Lunar Lunacy and Societal Stigma of Vampires

Mia Bolyard: Sexual Sadism and the Vampire

Presley Cornelius: Female Vampires Are Badass Too

Rebecca Stewart: The Satanic, Romanticism, and Vampires: How Vampires in The Black Vampyre and Carmilla Relate to the Satanic

Syd Morgan: “I’m Taking Him Down With Me”: Heroine Transformations in Carmilla, Varney the Vampire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Vampire Diaries

Tierney Dewane: The Vampire in Human Skin: The Idea of the Vampire as a Socially Integrated Person who Turns out to be a Menace in John Polidori’s The Vampire and Jessica M. Thompson’s The Invitation

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