My Favorite Space: Dr. Thomas Campbell and the Courtyard Between Theatre Hall, the Library, and the Union

The courtyard between Theatre Hall, the Library, and the Union is one of my favorite Main Campus spaces. It’s centrally located, yet peaceful – plenty of sun, shade, seating, and walking space – it has it all. Placement between buildings gives a sense of balance and the views out to the western parts of campus are always eye-catching.

As a playwright and director, the western edge (directly over student services) fascinates me and sparks my creativity. I’ve imagined many performance pieces being done in this space; harkening back to our classical roots when all theatre was done under the open sky and existing with the natural elements. Imagine watching a Greek classic or one of Shakespeare’s plays in this area. The existing levels, openings, borders, and barriers are calling out to be used as scenic design pieces.

Pictures from top left to bottom right: View off to the West, Full views from the western edge looking east,
Western “performance” area

My Favorite Space is a CAHSS and Effect regular where UW-Green Bay faculty and staff share where their favorite space is on campus and what they enjoy about it.

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