My Favorite Space: Dr. Aaron Weinschenk The Pergola Between MAC Hall and The Baird Foundation Parking Lot

I have a lot of favorite spaces on campus (I always brag to people that UWGB is the most beautiful campus in the UW System), but one area that I really like is the pergola that is nestled along the pathway between MAC Hall and the Baird Foundation Parking Lot. I usually take this route on my way into my office (in MAC) each day and always enjoy passing by the pergola. I like this area so much that when it’s warm outside, I occasionally hold class outside and sometimes make use of the pergola and the nice benches there. One of the pictures below is my research lab class enjoying the pergola on a sunny September day earlier this semester.

My Favorite Space is a CAHSS and Effect regular where UW-Green Bay faculty and staff share where their favorite space is on campus and what they enjoy about it.

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