Introducing the Canonball Podcast

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In this special preview episode, Chuck and Ryan introduce the Canonball podcast, where they’ll talk about “that which is canonical” and plans for the show going forward. Future episodes will include discussions with experts on “great works” from across disciplines. From literature, to paintings, to video games, to film, and more.


  1. Greetings! Mind-melding for the CAHSS and purely professional reasons brought me here. The creamy center of the podcast (candy bar discussion) compels my comment. But first a series of inspired digressions…

    As a guy who has waded through Pynchon and Wallace by sheer orneriness, I have never read Stephen KIng and I’m not sure why. Same is true with all books Potter.

    I think I can identify my rationale as willful ignorance— a creeping dread of knowing there is too much to know, so certain subjects will just remain empty buckets of non-knowledge.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop me from making pronouncements like “I HATE Stephen KIng!” Hating something just sounds a lot more emphatic when the true reason is that I can’t muster the energy to get into that whole Stephen King, Harry Potter, Mario Brothers, etc. canon…

    ….but candy bars are worthy of a dissertation. I offer the “Take 5” from Hershey… is a coated cookie bar containing peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, and pretzels…in other words, delicious!

    Yet this news item from CNN…

    “The Take5 bar is basically a candy-lover’s dream. It just topped the Los Angeles Times’ candy bar power rankings. Yet only 3% of US households purchased a Take5 bar last year.”

    Which means, there is a willful ignorance amongst the candy bar eating public of arguably the best mainstream candy bar in the market. So Hershey’s solution? Put it in a Reese’s wrapper! (Which I consider one of the most overrated of candy bars.) By the way, the proper pronunciation is REESUS…not REESEES. Where does that come from? Perhaps that’s the subject for another discussion/digression.

    (I was attempting to attach images of the old and new wrapper, but perhaps that is beyond the scope of my technological skill-set.)

    Anyway, enjoyed the podcast. Though I tend to avoid (not hate) podcasts, but this is work-related. More or less. So keep podding along! P.S. Focus groups and taste tests revealed that the Reese’s Take 5 was significantly preferred over the original Take 5…even though the only change was the wrapper! ( A pure example of CAHSS and effect.)

    1. I think underrated candy bars are worth a deep dive sometime. For example, the Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar was of solid nutritional value (as well as financial, apparently). Also underrated, according to my taste buds, is the Butterfinger. And I mean eaten alone, straight up, not as part of a blizzard or some other ice cream concoction.

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