RAGDOLL, A Full-Length Play

Author: Alyssa Hannam

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Thomas Campbell (theatre and dance)

CAUTION: The following reading focuses on the topic of sexual assault. Explicit language is used throughout the text as well as descriptions of rape. We urge all viewers to use caution and keep your well-being in mind while watching this performance. This is a staged-reading of Alyssa Hannam’s full-length play as part of her capstone project in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  This recording took place via Zoom on May 2, 2020. All rights to the text and content of the play are reserved by Ms. Hannam.  Permissions have been granted for the recording of participants.  Any unauthorized sharing of this video is a violation of the playwright’s copyright and will be subject to litigation.

Keywords: Staged Reading, Ragdoll, Play

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