Environmental Science 260: Energy & Society

In this course students studied the issues relating to energy and society including global energy flows, sources of energy, energy-related problems, policy and conservation, energy growth, and future scenarios. For these final projects the students chose a related topic of interest to them to explore further and present their findings for others. Projects include live presentations, posters, brochures, and whatever forms they found appropriate to express their work. Stand-alone digital project will be available on the CAHSS Virtual Conference site and live presentations will be Thursday, May 7 3:30pm.

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. William Dirienzo (environmental science)

What: Live Student Presentations via Blackboard Collaborate

When: Thursday, May 7 @ 3:30pm

Where: Blackboard Collaborate (click the link to join)

Join William Dirienzo and his students as they celebrate their end of the year projects!

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