First Year Seminar Memoir: Stories of Education

Author(s): Morgan Johanning, Dax Havens, Aubrey Alvarez, Emily Duschene, Kylie Henkel, Evan Hesselink, Alexis Knight, Maria Rodriguez, Sarah VonDerVellen

Class: GPS

Faculty Sponsor: Erica Wiest (Writing Foundations)

In the fall, this cohort of first year students took a class on Memoir: Stories of Education with Erica Wiest. The class read and discussed non-fiction writing that offered perspectives on the authors’ educational journey. Through these personal accounts, many issues were raised related to a sense of belonging, access to education, and scarcity of basic needs. Using the life stories as a starting point, students developed these service projects addressing issues of hunger, fire safety, and emotional wellness. 



Keywords: Hunger, Fire, Wellness

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  1. Great job on your project! It is awesome to see that you guys are helping out children in need! It’s awesome to see that you collected so many items to donate!

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