A Photo Journal of the Natural World Along the Shoreline of Point au Sable Nature Preserve

Author: Collette LaRue

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Daniel Meinhardt (Biology) & Sarah Detweiler (Art and Design)

UWGB’s natural area, the Point au Sable Nature Preserve, is home to more than 200 bird species and a migration stopover point for thousands of birds in spring and fall. A Cofrin Research grant provided a rich opportunity to create a portrait of the daily interplay between water, land, sky, and wildlife, particularly waterfowl.

This collection of 134 images taken  from May 15-August 1, 2020, offers a glimpse into this understated natural area and seeks to underscore the importance of water conservation and land preservation as a means to provide stop-over points for bird migrations and safe refuge for year-round inhabitants.

This project was supported by The Cofrin Arboretum Endowment created by the families of John P and David A  Cofrin.

To view the collection click the link below:


Keywords: Birds, Photography, Ecology

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  1. Simply spectacular! This collection of pictures is technically impressive and an inspiration to birders, environmentalists and nature lovers. It reminds us of nature’s incredibly beauty and the need we all have to protect it.

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