English 290: Literary Studies

Into the M*A*S*H Archive!

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rebecca Nesvet (English)

About the course: English 290 students had expected to read the original screenplays at the University Archive, but these materials had to be digitized instead because of the pandemic. We are all incredibly grateful to Deb Anderson, UWGB Archivist and to the Wisconsin Historical Society for getting them digitized for us during Spring Break. The five student authors – Shannon Floyd, Caden Wiles, JouLee Yang, Taylor Powell, and Sydnee Koenigs — have given their written permission for their work to be published as part of Virtual CAHSS. These posts explore archival material from the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Sidney Salkowitz collection, specifically, a collection of unpublished scripts of two 1975-6 episodes of M*A*S*H. 

Medics In M*A*S*H

Author: Taylor Powell


“M*U*L*C*A*H*Y*’S W*A*R”

Author: Sydney Koenigs


The War on Gender in MASH

Author: Caden Wiles


Turn the Channel

Author: Jou Lee Yang


You Had to be There

Author: Shannon Floyd


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