Do you want to become a social media manager for an NFL team? What about the next Emmy Award-Winning journalist? Or do you want to stay local and manage a complex and every changing non-profit? What do all these careers have in common? They all are possible with a Communication Major

Our department strives to provide a program that can be applied. That means what you learn here can be taken into the real world. In the real world and within the realm of communication, teamwork is essential. Therefore, group work is something we find valuable in expanding our critical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you love feedback, our mission of continuous improvement will help you become a better person by fine-tuning your skills to make you stand out while applying for that post-graduation career. 

Want a chance to dream big and create a narrative for yourself that pushes you and the world forward, all while having fun doing it? Communicate that idea to us by becoming a COMM major.

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