The Pod Couple: This is Love and Story Pirates

I have failed.  I am an utter and complete failure.  The entire purpose of kicking off this new regular series was so I would start listening to more podcasts.  Have I done that? No. Am I trying? Also no.  Without a commute, I simply am not listening to podcasts very often.  When I do, I fall back on old favorites instead of searching for new ones.  The one show I did listen to this week was more than five-years-old, and I had already listened to it once.  A good psychologist would likely point out that I am just harkening back to an easier time, but we don’t have a good psychologist right now.  We have me… so we’re sticking with the “Ryan’s a failure” narrative.

So with that in mind, here are some shows and episodes that I have not listened to recently, but adore regardless.

In the meantime, if you want to tell me when you listen to podcasts (doing dishes, as you fall asleep, mowing the lawn, etc.), I could use some advice.

The Show (for adults): This is Love

I adore Phoebe Judge’s voice with the fire of a million suns.  There is something about her inflection that I find deeply intriguing.  It can’t be replicated either.  I know because I’ve tried.  I’m trying right now….  She has another show… that everyone loves…  It’s called… Criminal (I really hope you read that in her voice).  As brilliant as I find her to be, I don’t love true crime [GASP] so haven’t’ been able to connect with CriminalThis is Love, however, is perfect for me.  It is a collection of stories about love.  Sometimes romantic love.  Sometimes deep, loving friendships.  Sometimes something else entirely.

Episode to Start With: The Wolves. This was a very clever companion episode to an episode of Criminal about wolves at Yellowstone National Park.  I didn’t listen to the Criminal episode but I bet it’s about poaching? The This is Love episode is about a relationship between two generations of wolves and it is both fascinating and sweet. 

The Show (for kids): Story Pirates

I’m more than a little sad that my kids (ages 9 and 10) are outgrowing this one. The idea behind this show is perfect. Kids send in stories and the Story Pirates team acts them out or writes a song about them.  Sometimes they interview the original authors after.  It’s funny, clever, and creative, and gives kids an opportunity to engage with the show by writing their own stories. The even put out writing prompts as challenges.

Episode to Start With: Eat a Spider Day (episode 126).  One of challenges was for kids to invent a holiday and the winning holiday was “Eat a Spider Day” where… you guessed it… you have to eat a spider*.  You can’t just eat a spider, though.  You have to follow the “8 simple rules to eat a spider day” that include bringing it back to your home and eating it plain.  It’s funny and gross and kids will love it. 

*No spiders were harmed in the writing of this recommendation.

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