My Favorite Space: Dr. Jason Cowell and the Neuroscience Research Lab

My favorite place on campus is our neuroscience research lab. While it sounds a bit cheesy, the neuroscience lab is a place where a team of students and I get to investigate questions about morality, empathy, and self-control. I love that a place like the neuroscience lab exists at UWGB in that we can explore cutting-edge topics and form a close-knit group of enthusiastic researchers. Above is a photo of the lab setting up one of our undergrads with EEG.

My Favorite Space is a CAHSS and Effect regular where UW-Green Bay faculty and staff share where their favorite space is on campus and what they enjoy about it.

By Dr. Jason Cowell

Dr. Jason Cowell is a Professor of Psychology and the Vice-Chair for Psychology at UW-Green Bay. Dr. Cowell studies the neural development of moral judgment, moral action, theory of mind, empathy, self-control, and prosocial behavior in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

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