My Favorite Space: Dr. Heidi Sherman and the Viking House

The Viking House is my favorite place on campus because it’s where people from very different parts of the wider Wisconsin community gather to learn about the distant past and living folk traditions in Wisconsin.  It’s also a unique environment in which students and community members collaborate to host living history events such as the mini-Viking Festival we held last October. I actually met my husband, Adrian Spendlow, a Viking storyteller from York through events planned at the Viking House!

My Favorite Space is a CAHSS and Effect regular where UW-Green Bay faculty and staff share where their favorite space is on campus and what they enjoy about it.

By Dr. Heidi Sherman

Heidi Sherman is an Associate Professor of History and the Chair of the History department at UW-Green Bay. She teaches courses about the Vikings, medieval history and experiential archaeology. She has published widely on aspects of the material culture of medieval Russia (flax and linen production and trade, glassmaking) and on the Viking-age site of Staraia Ladoga.

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