Touché 2020- COVID 19 edition

Authors:  Alex Peters, Angela Zar, Alaric Allen, YinYa Lee, Melissa Kasper, Jeff Pagel, Thayne Neumann, Kurt Duzeski, Tiffany Duzeski, Eric Brey, Gabe Guzmán, Morgan Kronforst, Kylie Forster

Faculty Sponsor: Berel Lutsky (Art & Design)

Touché – the literary yearly of UW-Green Bay -Manitowoc Campus is usually published in print as a joint project of Professor Em- mett’s creative writing classes, and Professor Lutsky’s Graphic Design Studio. The creative writing students curate and edit the sub- missions, while the graphic design students, design the publication and cover art, and prepare the layout for publication. Work on this year’s Touche was about to begin when the campus moved on-line. While a print edition is not possible this year, we are proud to offer this pared down on-line version. Featured are poetry and prose from the Creative Writing students and a selection of illustrated haiku from the Graphic Design Studio 1 students


Keywords: Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Literary Yearly

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