The Happiest Delineation of Variety

Author: Tabatha Zwicky

Class: English 436: Major Authors: Jane Austen

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jessica Van Slooten (English)

Writing around the time of the Regency Era, Jane Austen, like many women, lived under the restrictions of a patriarchal society. Women of the time were expected to play a very specific, domestic role, and often, women who tried to step outside of this role faced social consequences. These societal expectations, aside from being generally restricting, created many additional challenges for female readers and female authors like Jane Austen. Through extensive research, this blog explores the societal expectations for women, the ways in which the expectations dictated the roles of female readers and writers, and the ways in which Jane Auster herself exhibits these roles and the relationship between them in her life and her writing. 

Keyterms: Jane Austen, Literature, English

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