Restoration of Buckthorn-Invaded Sites at UWGB Arboretum

Author(s): Sandor Anday, Isabella Anderson, Brittney Bretl, Stephanie Burns, Beatriz Duran Sanchez, Sydney Gang, April Kienbaum, Shong Lee, Keonna Lepp-Burch, Zach Peterson, Mitchell Prueser, Luis Rivera, Bennett Schmitz, Haley Schwantes, Megan Seefeldt, Kristal VandenElzen-Benson, Peter Yang

Class: Comm Sci 146

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Karen Stahlheber (Natural and Applied Sciences)



Keywords: Ecological Restoration, Nature, Arboretum


  1. I have seen buckthorn plants everywhere, but I never really knew that they were detrimental to the ecosystem. I believe it is helpful to remove these plants if they are a burden and it is very interesting to plant new beneficial plants.

  2. This was a great idea for the service learning project:) The flyers are very eye-catching, I love them! It’s cool that you guys made this available for those who want volunteer hours.

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