Murder on Planet X

Author(s): Serenity Block, Daniel Chang, Lydia Downey, Rachel Doyal, Evelynn Ehrlich, Christian G., Zach Goblisch, Tony Kubetz, Haven Ludwig, Katherine Lund, Sofia Terranova, Gage Wilson, Tria Xiong, JouLee Yang

Class: Eng 312: Writing Genre Fiction

Faculty Sponsor: Tracy Fernandez Rysavy

Welcome to Murder on Planet X, an interactive digital mystery by the students of UW-Green Bay’s ENG 312: Writing Genre Fiction.

The story takes place inside the infamous maximum-security prison located on Planet X. You are Agent Miles West, a Planet “Xer” and an investigator with the Intergalactic Federal Agency. Miles has arrived at the prison to investigate the murder of the prison warden, along with his partner, Agent Jonathan “Jack” Bartelle.

Keyterms: Fiction, Interactive, Mystery

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