Foreign and Defense Policy Memos (POL SCI 370)

Authors: Marina Delbecchi, Cheyenne Eastham, Ryan Goretski, Andrew Mangles, Michael Page, Abby Tower

Faculty Sponsor: Alise Coen (Political Science)

These policy memos reflect some of the strong student work conducted as part of Dr. Alise Coen’s POL SCI 370 Foreign & Defense Policies course. The policy memo project enabled students to explore a U.S. foreign policy problem and describe at least two policy recommendations for how the United States should proceed on the issue. The policy memo project also required that students identify at least one “unknowable” – an important point of information that is unknown or disputed among experts on the issue that could impact how the issue develops in the future. The selection of policy memos included for presentation here encompasses a wide range of contemporary U.S. foreign policy issues, including research and recommendations regarding the U.S.-Saudi Alliance (Marina Delbecchi), the U.S. War on Drugs and Latin American Drug Trafficking (Cheyenne Eastham); U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy (Ryan Goretski); U.S. Foreign Aid to the Northern Triangle (Andrew Mangles); U.S.-Mexico Relations on Immigration (Michael Page); and U.S. Border Control Policies (Abby Tower). 

Marina Delbecchi: The United States and Saudi Arabia Alliance Policy Memo


Keywords: Policy, Middle East, Saudi Arabia

Cheyenne Eastham: Evaluating the War on Drugs on Latin American Drug Trafficking


Keywords: Policy Memo, Political Ideology, Strategies

Ryan Goretski: U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy


Keywords: Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Deterrence, Defense Policies

Andrew Mangles: Foreign Aid to the Northern Triangle


Keywords: Foreign Aid, Northern Triangle, Latin America

Michael Page: U.S.-Mexico Relations on Immigration


Keywords: Immigration, Foreign Policy, Southern Border

Abby Tower: A Memorandum on Border Control Policies


Keywords: Migration, Ideologies, Border Control

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