Exploring Mental Health Through Photography

Author: Brittney Meyer 

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sarah Detweiler (Art & Design)

Keywords: Emotion, Mental Health, Expression


  1. This is a very unique and moving visual of mental illness and it really resonates with me as it is a combination of two subjects that I am passionate about. I feel that the effect of having the pictures in black and white as opposed to color really portrays how it feels to be depressed and I can feel the emotion of anxiety with the double exposure effect. I always find people who are able to turn their pain into art inspiring, and I admire their courage to put themselves out there and be vulnerable – especially their struggle with mental illness because mental illness is stigmatized.

  2. This type of art is something you do not see very often. I think this is very impressive and has such a deep meaning. The color scheme stands out because mental illnesses are as if you are living in a world without color, but everyone else seems to be able to see that color. What also stood out to me was the feature of the messy hair on the doll because in people with depression, for example, they usually care little about hygiene. I think the use of a doll was a great choice because of the cold, dark stare as if you are looking into the eyes of someone who is suffering.

  3. These photographs are absolutely amazing! As someone who suffers from depression, these photos hit it to a tee. I especially like the one where it looks as if the doll is almost separating from herself. With depression it feels like you are almost losing who you are and it becomes a blurry image.

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