Digital Posters on Human-Caused Climate Change

Students in Professor David Voelker’s Fall 2020 First Year Seminar on “The Climate Crisis” created the following digital informational posters on various aspects of human-caused climate change.

“How is Your Plastic Bottle Affecting the Environment?” by Mason Amidon, Nicholas Parkhill, and Marnie Umland

“Health Issues in Climate Change” by Kimberly Enriquez, Addison Frank, and Brooklyn Bennett

“How Industries Influence the Climate Crisis” by Jared Debaker and Audrey Soberg

“How Electric Cars Impact the Environment” by Tyler Gutzlaff

“Climate change causes heavier, more frequent rainfall” by Faith Klein

“Ozone in the Atmosphere” by Meesha Medinger, Kathryn White, and Kendell Bond

“Capitalism is Killing the Earth,” by Gabriel Peeters

“How Does Red Meat Consumption Affect Climate Change?” by Jordyn Rohan

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