Contemporary Representational Figure Painting

Author: Dane Schumacher

Faculty Sponsor: Kristy Deetz (Art)

“The paintings in this exhibition are intended to uncover the disconnect between outward appearance and emotional reality through the use of figures and the spaces they inhabit. I paint from carefully stages and lit photographic images that are presented to the viewer through obsessively applied layers of small brush strokes, and approach that is both meditative and cathartic. This approach transforms the smooth photographic quality of the image allowing the viewer to slow down, retrace, and reexamine the image through my handwork allowing me to communicate more information than one notices in daily life. Use of shifting and contrasting warm and cool colors with close and dynamic values builds structure and complexity to figurative elements and the environment of the picture plane. Multi-layered realistic paintings become a way for me to penetrate exterior appearances and point at the complexity and fragility of living, something I strive to share with the viewer.” – Dane Schumacher

Keywords: Contemporary Representations, Oil Painting, Figurative Painting

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