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Philosophers’ Café: Arguing by Analogy

February 10 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

Please join us for some fun discussion regarding arguments from analogy! Our discussion will be moderated by Dr. Michael Wreen (Philosophy, Marquette University). A very common form of argument uses an analogy to show that something is the case or that something isn’t the case. Sometimes these arguments don’t generate any controversy. Some of the arguments for the conclusion that certain drugs are safe and effective for treating human diseases, for example, are arguments from analogy, and they’re fine. But arguments from analogy on matters of ethics or religion many times do generate controversy. People tend to jump into such arguments to make points without thinking much about what an argument from analogy is or what the general criteria are for determining how strong or weak an argument from analogy is. After briefly discussing those two matters, we’ll have an open general discussion of a famous argument from analogy for the existence of God. This is the Design Argument for the Existence of God. We hope to see you there!