Update/Refresh Nursing Downtime Boxes

Author: Anyiekan Ukoeninn

Faculty Sponsor: Brenda Tyczkowski (Health Information Management)

Keywords: Communication, Downtime, Emergency


  1. Congratulations Akan. Nice job on the presentation. I am sure the hospital is appreciative of your efforts! I am proud to see HIMT represented in the Academic Excellence Symposium. It is well-deserved.

  2. Akan – I am a nursing professor and also a nurse practitioner (NP) in urgent care. I can attest for the need for forms to be updated in hard copy for downtimes. During Covid 19, many providers, like me, saw patients via telehealth and worked from home. Often I could not access the online forms needed, with everyone else in my rural neighborhood online (children in virtual meetings for school, entertainment, many adults working online from home, etc.) due to limited neighborhood bandwidth. If your process had been implemented, a hard copy of the forms could have stored on my laptop and would have been accessed and used easily in a timely fashion. Great idea for emergency preparedness in healthcare! Janet Reilly, DNP, APNP-BC, RN

  3. Akan – Excellent project and so glad you shared it. Good wishes to you in your HIMT career!
    -Susan Gallagher-Lepak, Dean
    College of Health, Education and Social Welfare
    UW-Green Bay

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